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Packing and catching a flight

In Cycling most of Land's End to John O'Groats | 28 Apr 2023 | cycling

I am a meticulous packer for trips where it matters. I have lists of everything I plan to pack and scripts to add up expected weight. I spent much of yesterday evening and this morning finalizing the lists, checking my gear, and doing final packing. My bike has to be dismantled into 13 pieces to fit in a special airline-legal suitcase (26” by 26” by 10” = 62” linear inches total) and I’m terrified of somehow leaving a piece.

Suitcase with my bike packed into it

I’d just finished packing and was thinking of going out for a ride on my other (commuting) bike when I got a text from United: flight cancelled 😞

After 30 minutes on the phone I’m rebooked on a flight from Syracuse leaving in 2h — yikes! That is 1h15 travel to maybe meet the 45min baggage checkin requirement.

Fast-forward: “I’m only a couple of minutes past the baggage cut off, is there any way you can get my bag on?”… debate … more begging … checks to see there are no other flights/routes from Syracuse that will work … “Yes! I’ll run it over”. Thank you so so much!

After all that we were delayed and delayed because of high winds at Dulles. Good thing I was only eating into a 5 hour layover, which turned out to be enough of a buffer!