OAI Metadata Harvesting Workshop - Agenda

A full-day workshop to be help at JCDL2003 (workshops program) in Houston, TX on Saturday, 31 May 2003.


Individual presentations will be limited to at most 10--20 minutes and will be followed by a similar length discussion period. The agenda for the latter part of the workshop will be decided after the individual presentations and initial discussions.

9:00am Welcome Simeon Warner
Self introductions All
9:30am Presentations and brief discussions  
De-dupping OAI harvested recordsThomas Habing
Aggregator issuesNaomi Dushay
Integration of regular and static OAI repositoriesEd Fox
(coffee break at some convenient time)
Rights, restrictions and accessKatrina Hagedorn
Improving freshness of service providersXiaoming Liu
Metadata issuesHeinrich Stamerjohanns
12:30pm LUNCH  
1:30pm Presentations and brief discussions (continued)  
Semantics and use of reponseDate and the actual time of response issueSimeon Warner
~2:00pm Pick topics to discuss in remaining time. These topics may be continuations of topics already discussed or additional topics suggested by participants. All
4:30pm Wrap-up, dissemination plan Simeon Warner
5:00pm End of workshop

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